18 Dec 2013

More on being apoplectic over the Len Brown affair.

The witch hunt demand for Len to resign, that has been orchestrated by the malcontents on the right wing of the Auckland City Council and building on the Slater - Wewege mud raking attempt to blackmail the Mayor into resigning in favour of their favoured candidate, should be lanced before it, like the boil on the body politic it is, bursts leaving none of those involved uncontaminated.

Ex Deputy Mayor of Manukau, Sua Willie Sio. MP states the motivations of those involved very pertinently in a facebook post and on the Daily Blog the hypocrisy of those feeding the hysteria is demonstrated in the article "David Farrar calls for John Key to resign"

In the aftermath of the Council Debate  more has been revealed about the "Auckland Five" and their agenda - leaving Auckland contemplating the old Biblical adage "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." It would appear that Quax has never been a cooperative council member and has failed to file his returns for at least two years (2011-2012)and when he has questions have been raised. that Brewer has failed to declare a four day free be trip to Australia (22.12.13. Brewer attempts to cover his tracks - uses the "blame the employees" strategy to divert attention from his own indescretion and hypocrisy) , that Linda Cooper campaigned on supporting the introduction of  the Living Wage for Auckland Council employees and has reneged on support at least twice... Hypocrisy reigns supreme amid these five conspirators.
Instead of getting on with the job they were elected to do these five Councillors have declared themselves witch-hunters.

Auckland and its Councillors need to  pull up their "morally outraged knickers" and  get on with the job of governing the city, ensuring that the Auckland Plan, efficient public transport and the assets of the city are protected and retained for the benefit of those who come after.

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