29 Jul 2009

A Stasi Government - Tories reveal their hatred

Paula Bennett with John Key and their apologist Hooton revealed the depths of stasi like behaviour that those with long memories associated with the bullying dictatorship of East Germany where the private records of the citizens were routinely used to prevent any criticism of the activities of the government.
In earlier posts I remarked on this bullying tendency as being a hallmark of the NACT politicians signaled during the election campaign. Paula Bennett's use of confidential data held by a government department on a citizen and John Key's endorsement of that action is nothing more than the arrogant abuse of power one would expect of a petty tyrant whose inability to engage in rational and reasoned debate is only resolved by destroying the individuals who dare challenge their policies.
Garroting Garrett's threatening public servants who attend Select Committees to question government policies along with Hide's roughshod attack on local communities with his super city legislation we have too many examples of dis-quietening anti-democratic behaviour by the NACT government.
The complacency of the media with its willingness to mouth the PR line fed to it by the government is also not reassuring... in another country the headlines would have been a concerted call for the minister's head along with cartoons with John Key as Salome.

22 Jul 2009

The Secret Agenda revealed

Back in 2008 I commented on the Engkeylish policies and suggested that they concealed an agenda that would be a repeat of the privatisation policies that failed in New Zealand in the late 80s and throughout the 90s. This cartoon from the bastion of National Party support - The NZ Herald - is a vindication of my contention that the English-Key NACT government intends to flog off the family silver to the highest foreign bidders within the coming few years.
Flip-flops and policies based on political expediency rather than honesty have given NZ the receipe for a wholesale sell off of our national assets and an abnegation of social responsibility by this NACT government.