30 Jul 2013

Key's lack of credibility and trustworthiness confirmed - Key awarded first prize

Even in the fairy tale land of comics, folk tales and cartoon characters John PinoKeyo Key's known use of the brain fade to disguise his knowledge of shonkey dealings has been confirmed.
Pinokeyo's credibility machine exposed

Snow White, Superman and Pinocchio are out for a stroll in town one day.

As they walk, they come across a sign: "Beauty contest for the most beautiful woman in the world."

"I'm entering" says Snow White.

After half an hour she comes out and they ask her, "Well, how did you do?"

"First Place," says Snow White.

They continue walking and they see a sign: "Contest for the strongest man in the world."

"I'm entering," says Superman.

After half an hour he returns and they ask him, "How did you make out?"

"First Place," answers Superman. "Did you ever doubt?"

They continue walking when they see a sign: "Contest! Who is the greatest liar in the world?"

Pinocchio says "this is mine"

Half an hour later, he returns with tears in his eyes.

"What happened?" they ask.

"Who the hell is John Key?" asks Pinocchio
John Key desperately hopes that one big lie will get him out of the GCSB fiasco before he sacrifices more Public Servants.

29 Jul 2013

Guardian Article on National Debt and Lazy analogies- worth a read

If you think you know what 'debt' is, read on

There is a chasm between the common perception of debt and the reality. Unless we change this, more crises will come
Buster Keaton playing cards with two cowboys in a scene from Go West
'None of the mainstream parties are offering any radical or innovative solutions to deal with the root causes of chronic debt. They simply offer versions of huge debt, carefully disguised in complex jargon.' Photograph: John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images
Few people understand what debt is. We may understand the scaled-down metaphors that politicians serve up – "household debt", or "maxed-out credit cards". But the core issues relating to debt on a larger scale – the interaction between public and private, its circular and illusory nature, its connection to money creation – are too complex for most people to get their heads around.
And yet, these are critical points in informing the debate of how to deal with debt. A recent ComRes poll revealed that only 6% of the public understand that Britain's public debt is continuing to rise – by £600bn during the course of this administration, to be precise – and is due to hit £1.4tn by 2015. By ignoring the real root causes, because they are too complex or esoteric or just plain boring, and focusing instead on fictional Romanian migrants and benefit fraudsters with drawn curtains, we deny ourselves any possibility of finding real solutions.
Fewer still seem to be asking the question: to whom do we owe this money, exactly? Even taking the government's "household in debt" comparison, any debt advice service would recommend making a list of creditors so that one may assess where high-interest urgent obligations are, the possibility of consolidation, restructuring or default, negotiated solutions – in short, an overview. Most importantly, such an overview would permit shrewd, critical analysis of how one ended up in this position and how to prevent a repeat. By avoiding the analysis, we condemn ourselves to sleepwalking into the next crisis and the one after that.
A global view is a good place to start in order to understand the illusory nature of debt. At the end of last year, according to the CIA factbook, the accumulated external world debt was $72.8tn. At the same time the gross world product (the total of countries' GDPs) was $71.8tn. Quite a milestone, you might think, all countries globally owing more externally than they produce. Yet, this is gross debt, meaning if A owes B $100 and B owes C $100 and C owes A $100, it shows as $300 cumulative debt when, in truth, it cancels itself out. On a broader view therefore, since all this money is owed to entities within this global community, it could just as credibly be said that "the world owes this money to itself", and so owes nothing.
This circularity is absolutely key to comprehending the root of the current crisis, and is replicated at national levels. An analysis of the interconnectedness of US and Japanese debt identifies Japan as one the US's largest creditors (almost 10%). Japan has the largest national debt-to-GDP ratio in the world – over 230%. It is heavily in debt, compared to its product, and yet in a position to lend to the world's largest economy. In fact, Japan's position is much more stable than countries with lower ratios. One of the key factors contributing to this stability is the fact that the vast majority of this debt is owed internally – it is Japanese citizens and companies who have been funding Japanese debt. Of what it owes externally, its largest creditor is – can you guess? – the US.
Identifying a country's creditors is, therefore, a key consideration. This is why scaremongering comparisons, between the UK and Greece for instance, are disingenuous and deeply unhelpful. Only about 30% of UK gilts (the IOUs issued by the government to generate extra money) are held by overseas investors, which is in fact down from a peak of nearly 34% immediately following the crisis. By contrast Greek government debt is overwhelmingly externally held – the minimum estimate is about 70% – especially so since the imposed haircut on private creditors. Greek bonds also attract vastly higher interest rates and have shorter average length to maturity. This means that more than 50% of the entire Greek budget goes to servicing debt in some way or another.
Nowhere is the ludicrous circularity of debt more starkly exposed than when looking at the domestic holding of UK gilts. The biggest single holder of UK government debt is the Bank of England, mainly through the programme of quantitative easing – which is essentially issuing gilts and buying them back from yourself with interest using imaginary money. Banks and other financial institutions are also in on the act. At its peak in the second quarter of 2012 their holding of UK gilts was worth £215bn. Simply put, this means that we borrowed money from the sector which needed bailing out and gave it back to them as a bailout. Not only have banks, including RBS and Lloyds, been buying gilts with the money we gave them, we specifically demanded that they do it, in order to detoxify their investment portfolio.
At this point, no doubt, some sage is already furiously typing in the comments section that we didn't just give them the money; we purchased shares in the companies. But as the sale price of Northern Rock and attempts to revalue and hurry the sale of Lloyds and RBS demonstrate, we will never make anywhere near the money we put in. So, at least some of it was a generous gift from all of us, including future "us", to the incompetent bank directors' bonus fund.
It is also important to note that while our governments are concerned about public debt to the point of hysteria, with moves afoot to even set G20 targets and limits, they are remarkably relaxed about private debt. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has revised its projection of UK household debt and now forecasts that it will rise from £1.5 tn in 2010 to £2.1 tn (or 173% of average household income) in 2015. This is a much more worrying set of figures than public debt – and much less sustainable prima facie. Still, government efforts are ceaselessly focused on encouraging consumer confidence, so that we go out and spend even more. Banks are being blamed for the lack of recovery for not lending freely enough.
In fact, if one were to look at total debt rather than just public debt and compare the UK and Greece, for instance, a staggeringly different picture emerges. It turns out that while each Greek citizen on average owes under $50,000, each Brit owes over $150,000. This is why Cameron's rhetoric of "you can't solve a debt crisis by borrowing more" rings so utterly hollow to anyone with even a basic understanding of how the system works. It creates a totally bogus consensus on debt. Because, within the current financial system that is both dependent on and addicted to debt, the only way to solve a debt crisis is precisely to borrow more.
Now there may be ideological arguments for maxing out individuals' credit cards at astronomical APRs rather than the state's at 3.5%, but nobody is voicing them. Instead we are debating a choice between debt or no debt, which is – duh – a no-brainer. It is also, unfortunately, fantasy. None of the mainstream parties are offering any radical or innovative solutions to deal with the root causes of chronic debt. They are simply offering versions of huge debt that are balanced differently between public and private and carefully disguised in complex jargon. Meanwhile our liabilities, both state and private, continue to balloon, lives are destroyed by a programme of ideologically driven austerity and nobody is looking at the underlying system.
The problem is by no means new. Thomas Edison summed it up very neatly in 1921: "[Henry Ford] thinks it is stupid, and so do I, that for the loan of $30m of their own money the people of the United States should be compelled to pay $66m – that is what it amounts to, with interest … It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30m in bonds and not $30m in currency. Both are promises to pay; but one promise fattens the usurer, and the other helps the people."
Both at national and international levels, the focus continues to be exclusively on the irresponsible borrower, with complete immunity for the totally reckless lender or the enormous leech-like industry which continues to feed on the interest or "economic value" created by shifting fictional money around. On the contrary, we count such activity as growth. And things will not change as long as this industry continues to be shrouded in too-complicated-for-you-to-understand language. Because people will not feel informed, confident or courageous enough to question a fractional reserve banking system in which creating fake money, buying it from ourselves with interest and giving it away to private entities "too big to fail", is considered normal.
Instead, ideological entrenchment rules, almost creationist in its resistance to evidence. Rovers scour the surface of Mars for minerals and hadrons collide into each other in a vast tunnel underneath the Alps, while political theory and economics have seemingly advanced not one iota in 100 years. Labels like socialist, neoliberal, statist or libertarian continue to hinder the possibility of any real discussion and the identification of common ground which may lead to consensus. We all know vaguely what we are against, while having no idea what the hell we might be for. An age of "down with this sort of thing". The result is a complete absence of practical solutions to practical problems.
There is an old joke that goes: how many economists does it take to change a lightbulb? None. If the lightbulb needs changing, market forces will do it. We have given this idea its chance, for more than a century. We are still sitting in a dark room. Maybe all we need is one good electrician.

Inequality rises under PinoKeyo

This article says it all in its description of New Zealand under PinoKeyo's National-ACT government.

28 Jul 2013

PinoKeyo's hope- a Golden Deluge

John Pinokeyo Key earnestly hopes for a golden deluge from those who got the huge tax cuts - the mega rich of whom he is number 158. The only relieving we've seen is Key selling the country down river to his asset stripping mates.

27 Jul 2013

Two good reasons to oppose Simon Bridges, his mate Jammy Lea and the Key government.

These pictures speak for themselves.
Ronald Reagan was correct. The anti-union, anti-worker bills proposed by Jammy Lea Ross and Simon Bridges are attempts to remove basic freedoms.

This is a Tory initiative in the UK. It will certainly appeal to PinoKeyo once he plays the race card again in an effort to regain trust lost over his GCSB let me spy on you legislation.  Cameron and Key have a lot in common in their policy directions.

26 Jul 2013

Lazy Journalism or deliberate misreporting?

I was going to blog on the mischievious and inaccurate reporting on TV3 News last night but The Standard has provided an accurate report of the anti-Key inspired GCSB spy on your countrymen bill and exactly what happened when David Cunliffle responded to a question from the floor about Labour's policy on this attack on our civil liberties and freedom of association.

I am now waiting to see Duncan Garner twitter that he has been informed by his great confidiant, Cameron Slater (aka Whale blubber) that a leadership spill is in the offing because David Shearer and David Cunliffe were seen having coffee together and Shearer was seen to pour coffee that had slopped over his coffee cup into his saucer back into the cup. An obvious leadership spill according to Garner and company.

Such is the standard of journalistic responsibility in NZ I don't doubt that this will be repeated three times and become the Bellman's truth.

24 Jul 2013

The difference between being principled and ethical and being PinoKeyo.

A contrast in principles and ethics was shown to New Zealand on Television last night. First, John PinoKeyo demonstrating his ability to perform a back flip to embrace Winston Peters as a potential partner to protect his sale of NZ to casinos, movie studios and asset strippers. Second, the first of a two part bio-documentary on the strongly principled and honorable ex Prime Minister, Helen Clark.

The report on The Standard analysing Key's inability to demonstrate being principled and ethical is relevant reading as we contemplate further erosion of our economy, civil liberties and loss of our state assets.

The constant brain fades of Key with the report and associated analysis stands in stark contrast to the Helen Clark bio-documentary on last night's TV3 in which we were shown a strongly principled, honorable and focused Member of Parliament and Prime Minister.

21 Jul 2013

Why we should oppose The GCSB Bill in brief

This cartoon from The UK Guardian succinctly sums up why we should continue to oppose the PinoKeyo initiative to increase the spying capabilitry of the GCSB.
This could be John Key on any day instructing the spy agencies what can or cannot be seen by NZers who value a free society.
Judging by the number of heavily censored documents that are released only after an Official Information Act request the Key led National-ACT government operates behind closed doors and with a total lack of transparency or honesty when dealing with the NZ public.

One only has to recall the Sale of NZ Labour Laws to Warner Bros and now the secret shonkey deal with SkyCity Casinos to see why Key, as he channels the less attractive aspects of Holland and Muldoon, would want such legislation available to him in NZ.

16 Jul 2013

The links between Key, Cameron and Crosby-Textor get murkier

Ever since John PinoKeyo appeared out of the murky world of the money speculator (read gambling fraternity) and announced his desire to become the leader of the National-ACT party and then PM of NZ questions have been raised about his involvement with the Australian spinmeister firm, Crosby-Textor.

As the Key led govt has progressed the ties with the lobby company have become more pronounced and questionable even more so as the UK press does what the NZ press have never dared to do... investigate the murky world in which Crosby-Textor works.

Once the wide boys who lead the Tory Party in the UK hired Crosby-Textor to advise and direct their strategies to hang on to power as the political pressures on them built up and their credibility sank the UK media began to look closely at the way policies and legislation was influenced by the companies that used Crosby-Textor became the stated policies of Cameron, Osborne and the Tory Party. The investigation does not make attractive reading... as it exposes the cynical corruption of democracy by the privileged few.

And we wonder why similar things are happening in NZ  with one of Crosby-Textor's clients as PM??

In NZ we have seen the same trampling of democratic processes by PinoKeyo and his cronies - from the Warner Bros sell out, to the reluctance to take on Big Tobacco, to the enthusiastic embracing of Fracking by Big Oil, to the banning of legitimate protest against Big Oil companies, to the Sky City sellout of gambling laws, the asset stripping sale of the State Assets through to the all out attacks on NZ's labour laws and social welfare the finger prints of the lobbyists like Crosby-Textor are evident.

15 Jul 2013


This opinion piece from Micky Savage on The Standard gives all the reasons why Auckland should support Len Brown for Mayor.

12 Jul 2013

Useful cartoons to remind ourselves that Unions matter

In view of the legislation being put before Parliament by local MP, Jami-Lea Ross, and the Minisiter for "Labour", Simon Bridges, these cartoons serve to remind us exactly why these two representatives of the National-ACT party despise workers and, especially, hate the Trade Unions that work to protect their rights.

To describe their Bills as being framed and written from a position of knowledge would be a mistake. To describe their Bills as being written informed by prejudice and a lack of experience as workers would be accurate and fair.

10 Jul 2013

Garner interviews National Party Coup plotters- RADIOLIVE Transcript

Transcript of the RadioLive interview Thursday 11th July 2013

Participants: Duncan Garner and Cameron Slater (aka: Whaleoil)

Duncan Garner drawing inspiration for an opinion on New Zealand Politics

DG: Following on from my fictional tweets about David Shearer I now have it on sound tweets that a palace coup is a foot in the National Party caucus. I now welcome one of those involved... champion tweeter and blogger - Cameron Slater aka Whaleoil whose blog and tweets I have always taken as gospel whenever creating a sensational news item about NZ politics.

DG: Welcome to RadioLive. It’s a pleasure to have you on air...”
WO: The pleasure’s all mine. I’m pleased to be on air rather than making a tweet of myself.
DG: Ha Ha. Very good. I must say your inside knowledge of the political machinations around David Shearer are among the best in the industry. Especially seeing that you aren’t in any way connected to anyone within the Labour Party. They have kept me informed for much of my career.
WO: Thank you. Although I must say I have recently gotten into a taxi that had been recently vacated by a member of the Labour Party.
DG: Wow!! That’s really interesting. Can you tell me who that was? Do you have documentary evidence to support your claim?
WO: No. But I’m sure that someone might deep throat and tell me who it might have been... even if they weren’t there to witness the unnamed Labour Party member vacate the taxi.But wait! There's more! I'll blog it all - that the un-named, unidentified, untraceable but existing in my imagination Party member left a highly classified piece of correspondence in that taxi- on my totally unreliable rumour site so that you can attribute it to me next time you twitter a scoop based on .....
DG: Now.... Cameron, it’s been at least 12 hours since the revelations that you and your associates have been involved with the circulation among the National-ACT caucus of the letter calling for John Key’s resignation and replacement with Judith Collins and Anne Tolley. I gather that you’ve denied this three times which, in my eyes, makes it true that there is a palace coup underway in the National Party.....
WO: No, No!! Look. Despite anything you might believe you can’t take my words at face value. When I utter a word or a phrase or, even a coherent sentence, each word will only mean that which I want it to mean... that doesn’t mean that...
DG: you’re using them in any strict dictionary sense of the word...
WO: That’s right.
DG: Therefore it is possible that if you say no you might be really meaning yes?
WO: No. I mean Yes...
DG: Make up your mind do you mean No but really mean yes or do you mean Yes but really mean No? Quickly I haven’t got all day I have my ego to burnish...
WO: I meant No as in..
DG: Yes!!!  Admit it Admit it YES!!!!  Now I gather you’re part of the ABK group within the National Party machine that has been tasked with unseating the beloved leader and replacing him with the members of the ABC - All Behind Collins - faction.
WO:  Nnnnnnnnn..... spluttering sounds
DG: Coming up for air are you? Come on, you’ve already declared three times that there is no plot... but you and I both know that anyone who denies the existence of a plot is actually admitting there is a plot and to do so three times, as you have done provides the concrete evidence that there is a strong ABK group in the National Party Caucus actively led by the ABCers .... You must admit that you have been front and centre of these campaigns through your blog site...
WO: Duncan.. you know that that’s not what I....
DG: Cameron, you’re spluttering again and you won’t admit the truth of my allegation because you’re too afraid that you will lose your privileges within the National Party which can only mean that there is an active plot to remove John Key so unless you stop questioning me and my inside twitter sources I have no alternative but to thank you and cut this discussion short.
WO: ........But, bu...bu...(silence)
DG: There you are a frank admission that the three denials of a possible palace coup are actually admissions that there is a strong ABC group working under the acronym of ABK (Anyone But Key ) within the National-ACT caucus and that you heard it all on RadioLive.

Watch out for more in depth news reporting as the rumours swirling around John Key and the unease that his dealings with international gambling corporations and other asset stripping conglomerates are causing among those who want an even more authoritarian hand on the tiller gather strength and credibility on twitter and on the right wing blog sites I always read.I can guarantee that regardless of any proof to the contrary I’ll continue to ensure that there will be more fearless reporting coming from me.....


 "I've told you three times- it must be true."

Since the posting of the rumoured letter, allegedly written by the Slater-Lusk group on behalf of the Collins-Tolley group, being circulated through the National Party Caucus by a low ranked MP my informant within the National Party, Charles Dodgson, has passed on angry denials from the conspiracy group.

Each of the alleged conspirators has issued three denials which must, said Mr Dodgson, make the initial allegation true.... that there is an orchestrated campaign to unseat John Pinnochio Key as leader of the National-ACT party before the end of the year.

Whale-Oil, one of the more noisy and visible members of the group, attempted to remove himself from writing anything involved with the coup by declaring 'When I use a word,' Whale-Oil said in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less.' So if I say I didn't or wasn't involved it all depends on whether I use the word to mean what you think it means or, more likely, what I declare it to mean. In my use of English Yes will always mean No and No will always mean Yes at all my blogs....."

This, said Mr Dodgson, can only indicate that the rumour will have some credibility among the NZ reporter fraternity, especially Mr Garner and others of his ilk.

9 Jul 2013


Following on the beat up by Duncan Garner last night in which he promoted a malicious rumour circulated by the well known rumour tosser Whale Oil ( http://thestandard.org.nz/much-a-coup-about-nothing/) a new and more credible rumour of a letter being circulated among the National Caucus to unseat John Pinnochio Key has surfaced in the local electorate.

Apparently the letter, written by Slater and Lusk and circulated by the local MP, is designed to hasten the elevation of Judith Collins and Anne Tolley (known in local National-ACT circles as the ABC {All Behind Collins } group) as National Party Leader and deputy Leader after top secret internal National Party polling revealed that Key and English were perceived as being weak on dealings with Gambling bosses and had caved in on funding Auckland transport schemes supported by the arch enemy of the National-ACT party- Len Brown.

Watch out for and listen to Patrick Gower and Duncan Garner on TV3 tonight as they breathlessly uncover the truth about this dastardly plot to unseat the "beloved leader". (PS: the transcript of the interview follows. )
We are expecting Garner to interview the mischief makers at the centre of the coup plot - known as the ABKs- and extract details behind this exercise in self preservation among members on the right of the National-ACT party.

8 Jul 2013

Jami Lea Ross posts Photograph of ideal working conditions

Jami-Lea Ross, MP for Botany, whose friends, Slater & Lusk, helped him draft the insidious anti-worker bill designed to create "ideal working conditions" has just posted a photograph of the conditions he and his mates think Unions screwed up.
We gather that these are the conditions desired by those that advise Mr Ross on matters relating to peoples' employment contracts.
It's a pity for Mr Ross that Trade Unions do work to protect the conditions of employment and are prepared to take action when the safety and health of workers are in danger of being reduced.