16 Jul 2013

The links between Key, Cameron and Crosby-Textor get murkier

Ever since John PinoKeyo appeared out of the murky world of the money speculator (read gambling fraternity) and announced his desire to become the leader of the National-ACT party and then PM of NZ questions have been raised about his involvement with the Australian spinmeister firm, Crosby-Textor.

As the Key led govt has progressed the ties with the lobby company have become more pronounced and questionable even more so as the UK press does what the NZ press have never dared to do... investigate the murky world in which Crosby-Textor works.

Once the wide boys who lead the Tory Party in the UK hired Crosby-Textor to advise and direct their strategies to hang on to power as the political pressures on them built up and their credibility sank the UK media began to look closely at the way policies and legislation was influenced by the companies that used Crosby-Textor became the stated policies of Cameron, Osborne and the Tory Party. The investigation does not make attractive reading... as it exposes the cynical corruption of democracy by the privileged few.

And we wonder why similar things are happening in NZ  with one of Crosby-Textor's clients as PM??

In NZ we have seen the same trampling of democratic processes by PinoKeyo and his cronies - from the Warner Bros sell out, to the reluctance to take on Big Tobacco, to the enthusiastic embracing of Fracking by Big Oil, to the banning of legitimate protest against Big Oil companies, to the Sky City sellout of gambling laws, the asset stripping sale of the State Assets through to the all out attacks on NZ's labour laws and social welfare the finger prints of the lobbyists like Crosby-Textor are evident.

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