9 Jul 2013


Following on the beat up by Duncan Garner last night in which he promoted a malicious rumour circulated by the well known rumour tosser Whale Oil ( http://thestandard.org.nz/much-a-coup-about-nothing/) a new and more credible rumour of a letter being circulated among the National Caucus to unseat John Pinnochio Key has surfaced in the local electorate.

Apparently the letter, written by Slater and Lusk and circulated by the local MP, is designed to hasten the elevation of Judith Collins and Anne Tolley (known in local National-ACT circles as the ABC {All Behind Collins } group) as National Party Leader and deputy Leader after top secret internal National Party polling revealed that Key and English were perceived as being weak on dealings with Gambling bosses and had caved in on funding Auckland transport schemes supported by the arch enemy of the National-ACT party- Len Brown.

Watch out for and listen to Patrick Gower and Duncan Garner on TV3 tonight as they breathlessly uncover the truth about this dastardly plot to unseat the "beloved leader". (PS: the transcript of the interview follows. )
We are expecting Garner to interview the mischief makers at the centre of the coup plot - known as the ABKs- and extract details behind this exercise in self preservation among members on the right of the National-ACT party.

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