21 Jul 2013

Why we should oppose The GCSB Bill in brief

This cartoon from The UK Guardian succinctly sums up why we should continue to oppose the PinoKeyo initiative to increase the spying capabilitry of the GCSB.
This could be John Key on any day instructing the spy agencies what can or cannot be seen by NZers who value a free society.
Judging by the number of heavily censored documents that are released only after an Official Information Act request the Key led National-ACT government operates behind closed doors and with a total lack of transparency or honesty when dealing with the NZ public.

One only has to recall the Sale of NZ Labour Laws to Warner Bros and now the secret shonkey deal with SkyCity Casinos to see why Key, as he channels the less attractive aspects of Holland and Muldoon, would want such legislation available to him in NZ.

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