26 Jul 2013

Lazy Journalism or deliberate misreporting?

I was going to blog on the mischievious and inaccurate reporting on TV3 News last night but The Standard has provided an accurate report of the anti-Key inspired GCSB spy on your countrymen bill and exactly what happened when David Cunliffle responded to a question from the floor about Labour's policy on this attack on our civil liberties and freedom of association.

I am now waiting to see Duncan Garner twitter that he has been informed by his great confidiant, Cameron Slater (aka Whale blubber) that a leadership spill is in the offing because David Shearer and David Cunliffe were seen having coffee together and Shearer was seen to pour coffee that had slopped over his coffee cup into his saucer back into the cup. An obvious leadership spill according to Garner and company.

Such is the standard of journalistic responsibility in NZ I don't doubt that this will be repeated three times and become the Bellman's truth.

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