10 Jul 2013

Garner interviews National Party Coup plotters- RADIOLIVE Transcript

Transcript of the RadioLive interview Thursday 11th July 2013

Participants: Duncan Garner and Cameron Slater (aka: Whaleoil)

Duncan Garner drawing inspiration for an opinion on New Zealand Politics

DG: Following on from my fictional tweets about David Shearer I now have it on sound tweets that a palace coup is a foot in the National Party caucus. I now welcome one of those involved... champion tweeter and blogger - Cameron Slater aka Whaleoil whose blog and tweets I have always taken as gospel whenever creating a sensational news item about NZ politics.

DG: Welcome to RadioLive. It’s a pleasure to have you on air...”
WO: The pleasure’s all mine. I’m pleased to be on air rather than making a tweet of myself.
DG: Ha Ha. Very good. I must say your inside knowledge of the political machinations around David Shearer are among the best in the industry. Especially seeing that you aren’t in any way connected to anyone within the Labour Party. They have kept me informed for much of my career.
WO: Thank you. Although I must say I have recently gotten into a taxi that had been recently vacated by a member of the Labour Party.
DG: Wow!! That’s really interesting. Can you tell me who that was? Do you have documentary evidence to support your claim?
WO: No. But I’m sure that someone might deep throat and tell me who it might have been... even if they weren’t there to witness the unnamed Labour Party member vacate the taxi.But wait! There's more! I'll blog it all - that the un-named, unidentified, untraceable but existing in my imagination Party member left a highly classified piece of correspondence in that taxi- on my totally unreliable rumour site so that you can attribute it to me next time you twitter a scoop based on .....
DG: Now.... Cameron, it’s been at least 12 hours since the revelations that you and your associates have been involved with the circulation among the National-ACT caucus of the letter calling for John Key’s resignation and replacement with Judith Collins and Anne Tolley. I gather that you’ve denied this three times which, in my eyes, makes it true that there is a palace coup underway in the National Party.....
WO: No, No!! Look. Despite anything you might believe you can’t take my words at face value. When I utter a word or a phrase or, even a coherent sentence, each word will only mean that which I want it to mean... that doesn’t mean that...
DG: you’re using them in any strict dictionary sense of the word...
WO: That’s right.
DG: Therefore it is possible that if you say no you might be really meaning yes?
WO: No. I mean Yes...
DG: Make up your mind do you mean No but really mean yes or do you mean Yes but really mean No? Quickly I haven’t got all day I have my ego to burnish...
WO: I meant No as in..
DG: Yes!!!  Admit it Admit it YES!!!!  Now I gather you’re part of the ABK group within the National Party machine that has been tasked with unseating the beloved leader and replacing him with the members of the ABC - All Behind Collins - faction.
WO:  Nnnnnnnnn..... spluttering sounds
DG: Coming up for air are you? Come on, you’ve already declared three times that there is no plot... but you and I both know that anyone who denies the existence of a plot is actually admitting there is a plot and to do so three times, as you have done provides the concrete evidence that there is a strong ABK group in the National Party Caucus actively led by the ABCers .... You must admit that you have been front and centre of these campaigns through your blog site...
WO: Duncan.. you know that that’s not what I....
DG: Cameron, you’re spluttering again and you won’t admit the truth of my allegation because you’re too afraid that you will lose your privileges within the National Party which can only mean that there is an active plot to remove John Key so unless you stop questioning me and my inside twitter sources I have no alternative but to thank you and cut this discussion short.
WO: ........But, bu...bu...(silence)
DG: There you are a frank admission that the three denials of a possible palace coup are actually admissions that there is a strong ABC group working under the acronym of ABK (Anyone But Key ) within the National-ACT caucus and that you heard it all on RadioLive.

Watch out for more in depth news reporting as the rumours swirling around John Key and the unease that his dealings with international gambling corporations and other asset stripping conglomerates are causing among those who want an even more authoritarian hand on the tiller gather strength and credibility on twitter and on the right wing blog sites I always read.I can guarantee that regardless of any proof to the contrary I’ll continue to ensure that there will be more fearless reporting coming from me.....

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