24 Jul 2013

The difference between being principled and ethical and being PinoKeyo.

A contrast in principles and ethics was shown to New Zealand on Television last night. First, John PinoKeyo demonstrating his ability to perform a back flip to embrace Winston Peters as a potential partner to protect his sale of NZ to casinos, movie studios and asset strippers. Second, the first of a two part bio-documentary on the strongly principled and honorable ex Prime Minister, Helen Clark.

The report on The Standard analysing Key's inability to demonstrate being principled and ethical is relevant reading as we contemplate further erosion of our economy, civil liberties and loss of our state assets.

The constant brain fades of Key with the report and associated analysis stands in stark contrast to the Helen Clark bio-documentary on last night's TV3 in which we were shown a strongly principled, honorable and focused Member of Parliament and Prime Minister.

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