28 Jun 2008

The Naked Pretender - key parts revealed

The revelations on the Sunday Star Times (29.6.08) that the National Party have hired the media - image manipulators Crosby-Textor - to micro-manage John Key and the dressing of the National Party demonstrated the accuracy of my initial commentary on the "double speak of Engkeylish" which was critical of the use of the language used in the speeches coming from the National Party and its public face, John Key.
What gives Mr. Hager's article even more gravitas is the revelation that John Key was the instigator for the hiring of Crosby-Textor, the same firm that managed Don Brash of "The Hollow Men" fame. One would think that having been tarnished once with an association with the company it would be unwise to continue the relationship.
Nicky Hager's article about the involvement of the Australian push-polling, image controllers has clearly shown how cynical the National Party is as a political force as we see a party that has been advised to c0ncentrate on hiding its real policies on important social and economic development and its true agendae on the direction of New Zealand's economy so that John Key can be dressed in borrowed clothes and sold as being a credible, knowledgeable leader. His latest out break of political slipperiness when he attempted to rewrite New Zealand history should be an excellent example of his lack of understanding and knowledge of our country - the country he is attempting to dress himself as being a potential leader of.
The danger of being controlled by a firm like Crosby-Textor is that the real policy direction of the National Party will be hidden in the smokescreen of spin. For anyone with a long term political memory the National Party will, when it comes to the "great policy reveal" simply roll out their usual reductionist programmes that penalise the worker and reduce access to essential social services while the "family silver," in the form of state assets, is hocked off to overseas asset strippers.

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