1 Apr 2010

New Zealand Today - Pictures, cartoons and images of NZ under NACT

Herr. Rodney Hide as the Sunday Star Times portrayed him
Ironic really as the SST is leading the charge to unseat Hide's vociferous mayoral critic!!

New Zealand under NACT

These images reflect the humourlessness of New Zealand under the NACT government of "Smile & Wave" John Key.

Herr. Key flexes his muscles while wearing a Nazi helmet

Napier Street Scene soon after Herr. Key finished his routine

Herr. Rodney Hide -
The Minister in charge of the NACT anti-humour

and the removal of democratic rights Ministries

The controversy inspired by ACT councilors on the North Shore against the local Mayor when he dares ridicule and satirise their present leader, Rodney Hide - the Jack Boot of Epsom - is a good example of the stasii like state this present government is taking the country to.

There is some hope, though, Tom Scott is still in action as this cartoon satirising the American scene shows. Let's hope the cartoonist's bite is also directed against the NACT policies and actions in New Zealand.

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