19 Nov 2013

This cartoon sums up the policy directions of the Key owned National-Act government.

This attitude is the one we have come to expect from John Key... a total lack of moral responsibility in the selfish quest for aggrandisment.

John Key's cold hearted refusal to recognise the responsibility of the State to compensate the families who lost loved ones in the Pike River disaster and  the recent appearance of the Jammy-Lea Ross / Ports of Auckland / Slater-Lusk framed anti-worker, anti-Union bill and the up-coming Simian Bridges created Employment law amendments are a reflection of the attitudes expressed by this pointed cartoon.

Those that drive companies into the ground and then demand and receive a taxpayer funded bail out are those"entitled" to a golden deluge rewarding them for their incompetence while those that work and positively contribute to the economy are to be squeezed and vilified for daring to claim and fight for protection and their rights.
The attitude of Key to the families of Pike River reflects the beliefs of the complaining "Banker" in this cartoon.

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