16 Dec 2013

On asset Sales and arrogance

"When faced with a vote of no confidence the best idea is to insult the voters." John PinoKeyo Key.
The Anti-Asset Sales Referendum results poured in with a resounding message to the Key government... STOP!! we don't want you to continue selling off the country's assets to your asset stripping mates.
The country learnt its lesson from the resounding failure that earlier asset stripping left us with. The research into the "benefits" of asset sales has demonstrated the risk and poor returns to the country as a result so back off and admit the "mandate" Key trumpets was conditional on you actually listening to the will of the people.
Unfortunately for New Zealand the Prime Minister and his corporate cronies clustered around the Cabinet table and closeted in secret dealing board rooms in Tamaki and Epsom are deaf to the sum of the electorates and simply declare that those who didn't vote are in total agreement with the policy and thus the "mandate" remains...to drive NZ into a client state status to any foreign asset stripping corporates who recognise a fire sale when they see one.

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