1 Apr 2014

Does the sun shine hot and cold? Ask your local Conservative Party candidate.

 Just ask the sun to shine hot or cold...latest news from the Planet Key political front in NZ.

It appears that residents on Planet Key can be assured that climate change is merely the sun choosing to shine hotter or colder depending on its mood.

This report from the Stuff website reporting on a meeting of Grey Power in Pakuranga last Friday contains the dazzling insight that Colin Craig believes that the sun has hot or cold days.


"Responding to a question from Howick resident Bruce Waller on climate change, Craig says CO 2 levels have risen but whether the sun has a hot day or a cold day "is by far the biggest influence" on the Earth's climate.
New Zealand is a small contributor to rising CO 2 levels so it should not play a part in fighting climate change, he says."

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