10 May 2014

The Bellman tolls for Judith Collins... who will be next in the Nats' power struggle?

Cash for access "fund raiser dinners" provide more evidence of the arrogance and crony legislation that has swirled around John Key since 2008.

 Ever since John Key came to power concerns about crony capitalism and legislating for those who weilded the big cash stick have been a feature of speculation across the blogs and political activists. While it was conveniently swept under the carpets by the MSM the scandals around Collins, Williamson, Woodhouse and Key have forced the MSM to reveal what they have known about the questionable tactics practised by the National Party from the period of the Waitemata trust on. The result has been to bring to light the fighting factions within the National Party.

It is very interesting to note that the factions within the National Party have reformed and begun to marshall their forces around the various pretenders for the empty suit that Crosby-Textor created for John, Pinokeyo, Key back in 2008 now that Judith Collins has reduced her aspirations to leadership to a shadow after her Oravida scandal allegations and her obvious inability to handle criticism and scrutiny in both the House and by the public.

Audrey Young, in the Herald (usually a mouth piece for the National Party), has put the boot into Collins' credibility in her article " A Big Question Hanging over Judith Collins" and, in so doing, reveals that Collins' support is from the extreme right of the National Party backed up by the Slater family whose credibility is somewhat questionable when one considers the Palino Mayoraltyscandal / Whaleoil connections. Even the Metro Magazine is rolling out the tumbril.

Young's criticisms are echoed by John Armstrong who ponders on why the wheels are falling off the National Party's election wagon and lays the blame firmly on the public scandals around Collins and Williamson and then hammers home the "Cash for Access Fund-Raising scams" and obvious deep pocket cronyism that is the feature of the Key owned National Party.

One, however, does wonder at credibilty the proposition of Paula "whack a beneficary for fun" Bennett as a possible Deputy Leader of the National Party  put forward by the opinionistas .. but then then the paucity of leadership possibilities within the current National Party then anything is possible.
Now that the Herald has begun to shine a torch into the dark and murky corners of the National Party closet the possibility of the PR gloss being scraped off the Key government may reveal more of the arrogant cronyism which has disenfranchised the ordinary working voters being exposed  and thus giving more incentive to go and vote the Key owned National Party out on the 20th of September.

The rumours of a palace coup being brewed in the National Party Closets that have circulated for much of year are obviously proving to have more truth than rumour to them.

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