31 May 2013


Ever since the emergence of John Pinnochio Key onto the NZ political scene there have been rumours of a concerted dirty tricks brigade behind him and many of his caucus and support Parties: Dunne, United Future, Banks, and ACT.

For much of the time these rumours were ignored and often derided by journalists as "left wing" paranoia but, with the leaks beginning to appear around Key and his caucus it has become clear that the rumours weren't paranoia at all.

Here's the first leak: It targets the Lusk-Slater (Whaleoil) group immediately. A group determined to sell the NZ political system into the fringes of the Republican- Tea Party in return for corrupted influence and control.

Here's the second leak that takes the National Party back to it's 1975 ties with the Republicans who, allegedly, helped fund the National Party's infamous Dancing Cossacks cartoon advertising campaign.A further sign that the Key dominated National-ACT Party want to see NZ as a client state controlled from the States. Even if Key denies links to the Slater-Lusk group his willingness to sell out NZ's legislative process to Warner Bros, big Oil  and an international Casino group would indicate otherwise.

Here's the evidence of their meddling and willingness to corrupt due process in a Labour dispute.

Here's the evidence of the leaking around the Key cabinet as the public perception of Key as lacking trustworthiness begins to grow.

Add to this growing mountain of evidence that the Key led National-ACT govt is on shakey (shonkey) ground the Key orchestrated and orginated attempt to paint a Labour led government as the  communist red flag waving "Devil Beast"  and one sees a panicking and ideologically berefit Party trying to justify its existence by creating an imaginary being to generate fear that the corruption the present leaking exposes will loose it support among its membership. It also paints Key and his cronies into a corner they cannot escape from... as they try to dodge away from the leaked strategies cooked up by Lusk & Slater and, no doubt, supported by those MPs they have mentored and placed in the caucus. It makes Key's (like David Cameron's ) alliance with the questionable tactics of the Crosby-Textor spinners even less acceptable.

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