3 Jun 2013

Why John Key is starting to lose his teflon image.

 John "PinoKeyo" Key is beginning to walk into the second part of  Carlo Callodi's  cautionary tale of the wooden puppet who wanted to play on a real stage as his manufactured reputation as the truthfull teflon Prime Minister begins to unravel.

The evidence to support the reasons that underpin the report from the Fairfax-Ipsos poll confirming the slide in the public's opinion of Key's trustworthiness and truthfullness can be summed up in these NZ Herald cartoons.

 Primary reason- selling the State Assets to his foreign asset stripping corporate cronies in a cynical decision to enrich the wealth gathering few.

 Second reason: His readiness to make back room deals with foreign corporates from Warner Bros, to Casino companies,  questionable Charter School companies  and, with Steven Joyce and Simon Bridges, Big Oil companies while over-riding due process and parliamentary scrutiny.

The artifical construst of Key as a trustworthy Prime Minister was always one that needed questioning and scrutiny. Unfortunately for NZ that scrutiny has been a long time coming and may not be enough to stop the mad cap asset stripping and undermining of the social welfare system schemes that are feature of the National-ACT government.

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