31 Oct 2013

Nat MPs desert the sinking ship as the feuding opens up

Despite the spin that National-ACT is grooming itself for renewal the truth is
 that the sinking ship perception is rife within the Key owned government as MPs
queue for their "redundancy" payouts with few aspiring candidates really waiting in the wings.
 Andrea Vance reports that Heatley's disappearance from Whangarei will leave the vacuum unfilled unless a carpet bagger can be dropped in.
(Perhaps it's a chance for Luigi?)

A flood of National MPs have announced their intention to resign next year including local government minister Chris Tremain, former ministers Phil Heatley and Kate Wilkinson, list MPs Chris Auchinvole and Cam Calder, and Hunua MP Paul Hutchison.
Also tipped to go are John Hayes, Lindsay Tisch, Shane Ardern and Eric Roy.
Finance Minister Bill English said last week he would not contest Clutha-Southland, but go onto the party list.

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