29 Oct 2013

On the wisdom of selling state assets.. a right wing govt reconsiders.

Change Conservatives to National-ACT and the message is the same. Total failures as economic managers.

The Guardian reports that Hungary's right wing government is considering returning the state energy companies to public ownership to restore order and sense to the energy market. Remarkably the first step will be to forbid the presently privately owned companies to stop paying dividends to shareholders and insist on reinvestment in their core business- generating energy for the public good.

In the UK the demand to re nationalise the utility companies grows as the revelations of price gouging and continuously inflating costs and exploitation of the consumers grow.
PinoKeyo looks for a genuine Mum or Dad "investor" in his asset stripping policy

Meanwhile, in New Zealand the  financial incompetents of Key, English, Joyce & Ryall continue to follow a discredited and discreditable policy of selling the state assets for asset stripping short term profits. Their dishonesty when it comes to privatising state assets must be constantly at the forefront of the voters' minds when the referendum against asset sales comes and the  Elections in November 2014 allow us to reject those who value private greed over public good.

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