10 Jun 2014


 Last night the Botany National MP played pass the mocrophone at a public meeting he'd organised to inform the residents of Botany about National's transport policies. Instead he simply played pass the microphone to his selected panel which included the ACT supporting councillor, Quax and others. Jami-Lee had no answers to any of the questions from the increasingly frustrated audience apart from coming up with a grandiose plan to build separate high speed motorways eclusively for heavy trucks to race up and down between Tauranga, Hamilton Auckland and Whangarei.

The reaction from the local Labour candidate is quite appropriate.


Hang in there is not a policy. It’s National Party economic suicide. Last night’s panel meeting with Jami-Lee Ross gave Botany residents little hope for the immediate future except to expect more heavy trucks on the roads.

Public transport has been totally ignored by the National government and never been effectively lobbied for by the present MP for the electorate says Tofik Mamedov, Labour Party candidate for Botany.

“Despite my opponent’s protestations at his recent meeting the poor planning and lack of investment in South East Auckland as it struggles to cope with 150,000 people moving into the area is an inditement on the National government and its local body allies who have always been in favour of promoting Heavy trucking, congestion, social isolation and transport induced poverty on Botany residents.”

Mamedov says that Botany residents waste hundreds of hours a year sitting in traffic struggling to get to work while stripping thousands of dollars from their household budgets in petrol and car maintenance a year because of National’s reluctance to foster efficient and effective co-ordinated public transport systems.

“Despite all of my opponent’s protestations and promises National has no policies, no plans and no inclination to lift Auckland’s public transport system into the 21st century. It is ridiculous to see  that the new Ormiston Town Centre has been designed without any real integration with rapid transit such as incorporating a busway.

Since National has been in office (5 and a half years), there have been no significant public transport infrastructure projects initiated by National – as all the  the electric trains, and rail upgrades were begun under the last Labour government.

Botany electors have a clear choice this year - a funded, planned and delivered public transport system under Labour or more muddle and confusion under the present government.” says Mamedov

Mamedov said that a Labour government is supportive of the Congestion Free Network’s proposals http://www.congestionfree.co.nz/  and will be pushing forward with the development of the Panmure-Botany Busway with a high frequency network of buses every 10 minutes seven days a week as soon as possible on taking over government in September this year to ensure that the people of Botany can enjoy efficient and planned public transport.

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