18 Jun 2014

The murk around Donghua Lui grows each day.

The comment on The Standard tonight about the continuing connections between Donghua Lui are interesting especially the note that perhaps the journalists might like to chase the invisible Botany MP - Jami-Lee Ross who is only known to emerge from perpetual hibernation once every three years in order to play pass the microphone at hastily arranged public meetings designed to give the impression that he is doing something while leaving the attending public in a haze of wondering what it was Jami was offering as a solution to the mess that is East Auckland public transport.

From The Standard:
" First things first, this Donghua Liu thing is a set-piece smear from the National party, it could be nothing else.
The classic signs of National’s comms stick out like dogs balls….
  • timed the breaking of the story for when John Key is out of the country, keeps him clear of the dirt.
  • info was leaked to the tentacles of National’s comms (whaleoil, farrar) as was clearly hinted by barnsley bill (Cameron Slater’s right-hand man) who couldn’t keep his mouth shut on dimpost a couple of days ago.
  • the perfectly timed OIA release.
  • and the fact that Donghua Liu is still tight with National.
Reliable sources have also told me that Donghua is still donating cash to National too. (Any journos reading might like to ask Jamie-Lee Ross about this)
It’s no accident that this was released a couple of days before the 3 month interval that Claire Trevett covered in the herald. Interestingly Farrar made a big deal about this the other day."

Given that the sources noted in The Standard are reliable then questions should be asked:

"What are the connections between the East Auckland National Party and the disgraced Chinese businessman Donghua Liu?"

"How much money has flowed into electorate coffers from Mr Liu to support his campaign to gain citizenship and access to the Key led Cabinet members?"

Following on from the Standard sourced story one could be driven to ask: "has Mr Ross ever been involved in joining Maurice Williamson in lobbying for Mr Liu?"  Botany electors would certainly like to know.

The suspicion of murky and suspect dealings by the National Party in Botany haven't disappeared with the departure of Pansy Wong, whose use of the tax-payers' money to boost her husnband's business interests in China led to her resignation and the by-election that put the Slater supported Jami-Lee into Parliament.

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