14 Aug 2013


So John PinoKeyo Key finally decided to front up to TV3 Campbell Live and attempt to persuade the NZ public that his treasured GCSB Bill wouldn't enable the agency to spy on NZers regardless. He tried likening the bill to providing a Norton Anti-Virus patch on a personal computer... an analogy so simplistically ridiculous as to make one collapse in incredulity that anyone even pretending to be a PM would make it.
Despite the cheerleaders around Key praising his "performance" when finally fronting up to a face to face interview with John Campbell closer analysis has demonstrated that Key was exposed as a vacillating (the cheerleaders call this pragmatism) and ill informed about the legal niceties of his hastily drafted GCSB bill which he created, and then fudged with Peter Dunne's "co-operation", in order to protect his (and, ultimately, Dunne's) own, very vunerable back.
This article from the Standard and the opinion piece by Rodney Harrison QC provide an in depth analysis that proves the Key was living up to his PinoKeyo nickname yet again. PinoKeyo should learn that democracies don't work on the dictatorial model he seems to favour.

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