3 Aug 2013

The Truth about John Key- erstwhile PM of NZ

Over the past few weeks the teflon carefully laid over the body and image of John Key (alias PinoKeyo) by his PR firm, Crosby Textor, has begun to flake off.

The true nature of the gambling Merchant Banker has begun to be revealed to the MSM and the NZ public and it is not pleasant.

Mind you we have had indications of his real nature earlier in his posturing as a Prime Minister. There was the fiasco of the Scuttle & Run, Smile & Wave attempt at leading a trade mission to the ME back in 2009, then there was the more obvious readiness to sell NZ to the highest arm twister when he gleefully sold the rights of unionised workers to negotiate their wages and conditions to Warner Bros, then, there has been the ongoing SkyCity deal in which NZs gambling regulations have been compromised with the promise of a "free" international convention centre to which the present National-ACT govt will have the right to vet those parties wanting to use the centre to ensure their presence doesn't embarass them, there is the proposed anti-union legislation tabled by novice MP, Jammy-Lea Ross and Simon Bridges and now comes the privacy invading GCSB legislation for which Key is responsible and which is designed to retrospectively OK bad interpretations of the law.

His dictatorial manner has become even more pronounced with his Prime Ministerial ordered enquiries into, first, the Great Cup o'Tea recording saga- in which he and the sole member of the ACT party, John Banks, conspired to come to "an agreement" in the Epsom electorate and were accidentally recorded by a reporter invited to be present at this "historic" event and now the enquiry over the leak of the Kitteridge Report on the activities of the GCSB.

The secret diary published on the STUFF website may be satirical but the elements of truth within it would in the present political climate of John PinoKeyo Key's NZ be almost real.

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