16 Aug 2013

The Young NATIONAL-ACT party members to protest at Anti-GCSB bill meeting!!!

Rumours are rife that the youth branch of the National-ACT Pinokeyo cheerleading group are using social mediato organise a protest against the organisers of the anti-GCSB Bill legislation meeting in the Auckland Town Hall on Monday 19th at 7.00pm.

Our rapid sketch artist has provided a cartoon of the variousmembers of the young Nat-ACT members, led by their anti-worker hero, Jammy-Lea Ross, practising their protest moves at a secret location last night.
Botany MP(centre front) , Jammy-Lea Ross (National-ACT) leading his PinoKeyo cheerleading team in practice for their picket outside  Auckland Town Hall anti-GCSB meeting.

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