20 Aug 2013

Has John Key lost his mojo?

Has PinoKeyo lost his mojo?

Key's distortions and misinformation over his badly drafted spy on NZers GCSB bill has added to his loss of Mojo.

Despite the razamattaz at the Rutherford Hotel over the weekend of the National Party Conference there were back room deals being made as the two major groups jockeying to unseat Key attempted to make sense of secret private polls taken to assess Key’s recent performance in The House and in front of the TV cameras and its impact on the credibility of the National-ACT government.

Our informant, C.L.Dodgson, revealed that the ABK group around Joyce and the ABC group around Collins (heavily and openly critical of Key and the Henry enquiry ) have had very similar poll results. Both indicating that Key is losing his mojo and credibility with the NZ public across the political spectrum.

Both camps are apparently cock a hoop with the results as they continue with their clandestine feuding and plotting to gain advantage when the opportunity arises to push the Crosby-Textor created “great manipulator” off and send him back to his residence in Hawaii.

The pollsters used by both camps were rumoured to have asked respondents to free associate all words they’d use to describe Key’s performance this year. When the results were presented to the ABK and ABC camps there was gob-smacked astonishment at the strongly negative word associations connected to brand Key.

Key's cold dead eyes have begun to lose their hypnotising powers.

Contrary to the perceived wisdom that Key is invulnerably popular with the public the pollsters apparently discovered a strong negative reaction to Key and his performance in The House and in public.

Our informant said that the common words to describe or be associated with Key by respondents across the political spectrum, were: slippery, devious, untruthful, insincere, arrogant, inefficient, bumbling, corrupt, doesn’t tell the truth- he only deals in half truths, indifferent, out of touch, disingenuous, false, hypocrite....... 
The shonkey deals over the SkyCity pokies for convention centre deal have added to Key's loss of mojo. Allegedly Poll respondents made frequent mention of this to the National-ACT pollsters.
Key's response to TV3 questioning and Alistar Thompson (Scoop) questions on the GCSB have further fueled the public disillusionment with Key. Much to delight of the ABC camp within the National_ACT party.

POST SCRIPT: The strategic National-ACT polling allegedly commissioned by the feuding camps within the party has been substantiated by the latest IPSOS-FAIRFAX political poll reported on the Stuff website (26.8.13) reports that John Key is not believed by the NZ voters. Extracts of reported comments about Key are, according to Vernon Small's story:

When respondents were probed for the reasons behind their views about Key some themes emerged, including that the pressure was getting to him, that he was coping - just - and that trust was slipping although he was doing well under pressure.
Typical negative comments included:
"I suspect the pressure he is under is making faults more obvious. I don't think there is a better opposition at this stage."
"Weak, always on the defence, and not very much on directions and purpose."
"The Tiwai smelter deal - John Key wants to keep that deal, which comes at a huge cost."
"Not as good as he has been, harder to trust him than it was. He doesn't appear as genuine as he once was." 

With growing reports of a growing disenchantment with the performance of Key we can obviously expect to see even more obvious jockeying for power as the dark closets within which the National-ACT party creates policy, decides who and which foreign corporates can buy influence and state assets and buys and sells its leadership begin to split open.

The response: Crosby-Textor push Key's panic button:
The decision,obviously made by Crosby-Textor advisers, that Key appear on the Campbell Live show to counter public suspicions about the GCSB legislation can be seen as an attempt to counter the polled perception of Key as being out of touch, arrogant and slippery. His performance, much praised by The Herald commentators, was a masterly demonstration of the aspects of his personality that the polling revealed was turning off the public - hectoring, ill informed, often providing false information and bland reassurances based on false analogy and incorrect interpretation. The suddenly announced, exclusive to the Herald, decision, by Key, to “clarify” his interpretation of the GCSB Bill and “Prime Ministerially” order the GCSB not to spy on New Zealanders unless it has the New Zealander’s permission and- of course- Key’s over riding authority to over-ride the necessity to obtain permission, was in response to the polling that revealed Key was not trusted to tell the truth on the issue.

While, too many of our readers, these may sound like the words one normally associates with the National Party - the ABC group around Collins, bouyed by her 11% popularity among the National Party supporters, have, apparently seized on these results and have begun an even more serious lobbying to gain ascendency over Joyce and his cronies as the internal feuding that has been long hidden in the closets of the National-ACT party begins to break into the open as the teflon, so carefully applied by Crosby-Textor to John PinoKeyo Key begins to flake off.
Sums it all up- Key is totally out of touch with NZ. There is no connect with Planet Key and reality.

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