30 Sep 2013

Cynical disregard for Democracy the Key policy plank.

"And, as I said before, I will govern, I will dictate, I will do as I want..... you will obey."

As predicted John, PinoKeyo, Key has resorted to the last bastion of the desperate in his demonstration of his total disregard for political democracy in New Zealand by announcing the date of the referendum on his Asset Stripping policies to fall at the end of the parliamentary year with the results to be announced after Parliament has risen for the year and well after he has launched or completed much of his fire sale to his foreign asset stripping cronies activity.
PinoKeyo's attitude to democracy in New Zealand.

In conspiring to thwart and frustrate the will of the people Key has revealed his true nature- arrogant, cynical, politically corrupt and ignorant of the nature of democracy.

Mind you, his pronouncements on the nature of MMP and coalition governments have not inspired confidence in his comprehension of constitutional matters either as these comments in the NZ Herald demonstrate.
Nats look to 2014 governing options
Prime Minister John Key is mulling his options to form a Government after 2014 following this morning’s spill in the Maori Party, including claiming the largest party would have the “moral mandate” to govern. …
National’s support parties all have problems, with ACT in decline, UnitedFuture deregistered and the Maori Party struggling after being beaten into third place in the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election on Saturday. That has led to speculation National may have to rely on NZ First to govern after the next election.
Key said …”But it’s been a funny thing. Ever since we’ve had MMP in 1996 the public have had a way of finding the Government that they want. “It’s always been formed with the largest political party, so all of those things might not hold true in 2014 but they equally might.
“It’s not impossible we get 50 per cent [of the vote], it’s not impossible we get a couple of partners we work with, it’s not impossible political parties abstain. That is always possible to allow the largest party to run a minority government. Key said the largest party had the “moral mandate” to govern.
Here, Key argues, using the sort of spin we have come to expect from the Crosby-Textor manipulators,  that any coalition that gains the majority in the House and can, therefore, form a Government would not be legitimate if National-ACT  were to be the largest single opposition party in Parliament as the National-ACT bloc would have, not a legal or constitutional right to govern, but a "moral mandate". Which is arrant rubbish and political nonsense based on both arrogance and ignorance.

PS: The usual reliable sources have let slip that PinoKeyo, not helped by the slipping popularity of the National-ACT party in recent polls and internal polling indicating that his personal following has swung from a positive perception to one that is more obviously negative, was very hurt and was sporting a very burised ego at his last caucus when one of the members of the opposing camps (the ABC and ABJs) asked about the description of him as a"galloping colonial clot" by the large circulation conservative newspaper - The Daily Mail - when its journalist reported on his weekend overnighter with the Windsors of Balmoral. Even his attempt (no doubt on advice from Crosby-Textor) to make light of the accuracy of the observation was not received with the usual syncophantic applause he had been expecting.