29 Sep 2013


On Planet Key Reality never intrudes.

Tory Delegates at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester are alert to the problems coming from Cameron's policies presently facing the UK taxpayers.

While the Key family were on their taxpayer funded weekend visit to the Windsor family of Balmoral John, PinoKeyo, Key announced to the NZ media traveling with him, so that his photo opportunities could be used to boost his sagging image back in little ol' New Zelund, that the Conservative Government of Cameron & Clegg had done a really great job of restoring the UK economy and rebuilding the nation.

To anyone travelling with Key the Daily Mail's description of Key as a galloping colonial clot should have helped bring reality onto Planet Key but no PinoKeyo  blithley carried on declaring that all was right with the world and, that having met the Windsors, his credibility was at an all time high.

His breathless pronouncement had obviously been inspired from his briefing session with the Lynton Crosby of Crosby-Textor, the PR consultancy beloved of Tory politicians in OZ, NZ and the UK but without any ties to the political reality that is the UK under the Rich Boys Privilege Club of Cameron & Clegg as these news stories demonstrate.
1) 50,000 demonstrate at Tory Party Conference.
2) Britian in 6th year of economic slump.
3) Tories eject Soldiers from Conference when they complain about defence cuts.
4) Tory Party support disappearing - heading to UKip.
5) Tory Party benefit "reforms" condemned by Church of England
How Rowson sees the Tory Party Conference Top Table. A reality John, PinoKeyo, Key does not allow himself to see on Planet Key.

 These are but a few of the UK headlines that show that Key is out of touch with reality.

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