16 Sep 2013



Key gives the NZ public the message...."When I say SELL I mean let's have a FIRE_SALE!!"

Following the 2nd September success of the Keep NZ's Assets petition the Key government had two alternatives - (1) dance on tne head of a pin and over ride the demands of the people and continue with the asset stripping and (2) accept the petition as a genuine indication by the people that they had not given Key, Joyce and Ryall carte blanche to strip NZ of ownership of its assets and invest them in the hands of the foreign based corporate raiders. 

The real winners of the Key driven demand to sell the state assets will not be the NZ public.

The National Party bloggers went into over drive testing the specious argument that the Keep NZ Assets Petition was invalid because it wasn't a "genuine" citizens initiated referendum but was a "politically motivated" referendum. On the basis of this pin head dance argument Key, Ryall and Joyce were convinced that they had the god given right to disregard the success of the petition calling for the referendum. 

Then, using the second specious argument that the Referendum was "non-binding" (despite earlier National Ministers arguing, when introducing the CIR Act, that the process would call a halt to controversial legislation and force the Government of the day to rethink their policy.

At the time the law paving the way for citizens-initiated referendums was being debated, National MPs were confident that governments would take the results of referendums on board. 
And Sir Douglas Graham said in parliament in 1993,

“The Citizens Initiated Referenda Bill gives the freedom to engage the entire nation in any topic of our choosing... any Government that fails to respect the outcome of a non-binding referendum will have to convince us at the next general election that its decision was justified. It is my belief that we will rarely witness by Parliament the rejection of a referendum result.” 

and Murray McCully said,

"I am absolutely sure that the moral force of public determination by way of referendum will be enormous and overpowering as far as the Government is concerned." ....... Murray McCully's optimism has proved to be misplaced, however. 

The John, PinoKeyo, Key attitude to the NZ public and desire to preserve NZ assets from foreign asset strippers.
And so it has proved. The Key owned government has no regard for the democratic process as Key, with his "leader in waiting" mate, Joyce and his Lance-Corporal Ryall have decided that rather than follow the democratic process of waiting for the results of the referendum, required as a result of the successful petition, the asset stripping of the New Zealand state should be put on the front burner and proceeded with greater rapidity and, no doubt, increased carelessness and disregard of the economic and political consequences. (It appears that we should add Minister of Conservation: Nick Smith to this wall of infamy as well.)

The New Zealand Taxpayers and voters are now being given a clear demonstration of the arrogance that economic ignorance and a desire to drive the economy into an ideological cul de sac has reduced the government of New Zealand to.Key's attitude to the assets of New Zealanders is, however, in keeping with his constant use of the tax payers' money to prop up his corporate mates with "sweeteners" and in the back of the closet shonkey dealings so much a reflection of the practises of the money speculators responsible for the rise and collapse of the global finance industry.

Ideally, the opposition parties should simply scupper Key's fire sale of NZ assets by announcing that on coming to government the shares sold by Key and his cronies will be compulsorially repurchased at either the initial sale price or the current trading share price whichever is the lower - then waych as the asset strippers fold their wallets and cheque books and head back to raiding and stripping their mates rather than the taxpayers of NZ.

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