5 Sep 2013

The Charter School Con- yet another ACT of economic vandalism.


John Banks, the sole member of ACT and it's MP leveraged into power with yet another shonkey PinoKeyo deal over a cup of tea, has landed NZ with the biggest education shill and worst bit of economic vandalism other than John PinoKeyo doing behind closed doors deals with casino operators, smelter operators and film companies that end up loading the taxpayer with the cost over rides and risks. That educational and economic vandalism is the ACT conspiracy to sell off the state school system to the Charter school companies hovering to asset strip one of the best performing education systems in the world.

The UK experience coming from the Tory Party's attack on the State school system is best summed up in this cartoon.
Like Gove in the UK, Hekia is hell bent on dismantling a high performing education system.

The research currently coming out of the USA and the UK proves how dangerous, educationally unsound , socially irresponsible and economically dangerous the policy is.
In the USA the involvement of the Gates family trust determined to foster the Charter School businesses has raised concern among researchers especially as the activities of such "philanthropy" is seen to be negatively influencing education delivery in the USA and in the UK.
In the USA the prime advocate for Charter Schools has now turned around and declared that they are detrimental to the delivery of education because they turn education into a commodity for the benefit of the for profit Charter School businesses instead of concentrating on the real purpose of schools - to educate the community.
Unfortunately for NZ the ideologically blinkered and education philosophy challenged Hekia Parata has not had the political clot in the National-ACT cabinet to slap Banks down and challenge his unresearched allegations and assertions about the NZ education system probably because she is struggling to keep her limited credibility with PinoKeyo alive as the rest of the cabinet conspire for the putsch that will elevate either Collins or Joyce into Key's already questionable hold on the control of the National-ACt party machine.

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