2 Sept 2013

Joyce attacks Living Wage Pledge ...Key joins in.

Living Wage Pledges from Contenders for Labour Leadership attacked by National Party leadership.

The real reason why Joyce & Key don't want a living wage being paid to the workers who keep NZ afloat.

The campaign for a living wage heated up when, after David Shearer resigned from the leadership of the Labour Party, the main contenders for the role pledged support during their "hustings meetings" with Party members in the lead up to the membership vote.

Immediately the pledges became public the"Minister for everything Key can't deal with", Steven Joyce, launched into an all out attack on the policy and campaign calling such a campaign economic vandalism and irresponsible especially as the National_ACT govt had a plan to keep selling the country's assets off to foreign asset strippers which depended on keeping NZ as a low wage country.

Immediately after Joyce's pronouncement John Key, whose reputation as being trustworthy and truthful has come under intense scrutiny after the last Fairfax-Ipsos poll showed that NZers were increasingly disenchanted with his frequent brain fades and inability to be totally truthful about his dealings with foreign corporates, chimed in to add his increasingly strident voice to the attack. 

This Bruce the Barbarian cartoon sums up the Joyce-Key reaction to the Living Wage campaign and the support being given to it by Cunliffe, Robertson and Jones as they campaign for the leadership of the New Zealand Labour Party.

This cartoon may be dated but the response to the Living Wage campaign by Steven Joyce and PinoKeyo hasn't changed.

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