17 Sep 2013

The captions tell it all- From surplus to debt since 2008. From success to failure since 2008.

The facts speak for themselves. The photos illustrate the attitude to New Zealand and its peoples. They also demonstrate the competence and intellect of the two Prime Ministers.

Following on from the Crosby-Textor supplied one liner jokes used by PinoKeyo in the House on Tuesday allegedly Key did receive a phone call from the chorus that is Camp Collins (the ABC group in the feuding National caucus) telling him that he needs to sharpen up, cut the blokey-jokeyism and start to demonstrate that he actually "knows" about economics and the National_ACT policies as the ABC group are afraid that Cunliffe's more knowledgeable and aggressive attacks, backed by a united and cohesive caucus will really show the NZ public that the joker's cap is the reality.

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