11 Sep 2013

John Key on warning from Camp Collins

 Key advised to "act macho" in the face of a revitalised Opposition.

What? I'm on notice to perform? Key ponders a future as a Talk Back jock.

John Key is on warning from within the National-ACT party organisation as the closeted feuding camps within the caucus campaign to become his successor according to our informant within the National-ACT organisation. In the face of continued negative personal poll results that reveal that the public perception of Key is that he is arrogant, out of touch, and turning off the female voters from the National-ACT party the forces within the party have told him to "act more macho" and be prepared to go head to head with more substance than Crosby-Textor scripted jokey one liners against the Opposition. The increasingly obvious ABC (All Behind Collins) camp, supported by the National Party bloggers,  has, allegedly, been at the forefront of the campaign.

The informant said that the feeling within the National-ACT party is that for too long Key has been resting on his laurels, secure in the PR spun belief that he is "popular" with the voting public and that because of his arrogant belief in his own infallibility he has been turning off the voting public.

Added to these concerns has been the obvious increased vitality of the Labour Party caucus in the wake of the Leadership hustings meetings and campaigning by Robertson, Cunliffe and Jones with the subsequent media coverage previously denied to them. The distinct probability of Key having to face a front bench of a highly articulate, well informed and politically aggressive Labour Leadership team has shaken the normally complacent Party officials who are now demanding that Key proves that he has the intellectual and ideological ability to engage in real debate. As a result Key was forced to claim that he would postpone his regular off-shore jaunts and be prepared to make a sustained appearance in the House which explains why Key has been seen on TV posing in sort of Michael Jackson- Borat swimsuited- moonwalk position declaring "I will be in the House on Tuesday when the Labour leadership team are in action" and claiming he has the equipment to perform in the debating chamber. ( a quick look at Key's planned itinerary (Stuff- Today in politics Thursday 12th 2013) showed that Key was playing fast and lose with the truth again as his plans, published before the Labour Leadership campaign, showed him leaving NZ for his Balmoral sojourn late on Tuesday evening. )

The threatened attacks, not just on Key, but on his poorly performing ministers like Hapless Hekia, Wilful Williamson, Blustering Brownlee and Eregious English, whose poor grasp of managing theNZ economy has been causing concern, has also unsettled the up till now closeted feuding camps  within the caucus.

The Borat bluster from Key has shown that he is increasingly nervous and jittery about, not only his grasp on the leadership of his caucus and the increasingly negative feedback from the personality perception polling but, the prospect of the threat of a united, cohesive and increasingly politically aggressive Labour front bench.

Our informant reckons that Key has been closeted with his expensive spinmeisters from Crosby-Textor ever since David Shearer stepped down from the Leadership of the Labour Party seeking advice and commissioning his joke writers to provide him with one-liners that could, with a sound-bite beside him, give him some exposure on TV and on his Talk-Back radio programme.

Unfortunately for Key his increasingly slurred pronunciation and agitated body language has been betraying him in such a way that there has been greater voter turn off than the questionable dealings, most of which have seen Key playing fast and loose with the taxpayers' money to sweeten the deals, like ($265 million)  Sky City, ($60 million)  Warner Bros, the RMA eviseration, ($600 million) Broadband pricing subsidies (which even the National Party blogger opposes as being "corporate welfarism".) and the ill advised ($30 million) Rio Tinto bribe he has been involved with since becoming Prime Minister. (PS: It has now been revealed that Joyce, the other contender for PinoKeyo's job was following in his mentor's footsteps by getting involved in the "wheeling & dealing" and interference in the Broadband subsidy to Chorus business bribe.)
Camp Collins draws a bead on Key in caucus.

The question now is: "When will the ABC- Camp Collins group make their move on Key?"

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