22 Sep 2013

On Planet Key Reality Never Intrudes

John Key acknowledges the UK's  economic turnaround .

On Planet Key reality never intrudes or shows its "ugly" face as John PinoKeyo Key demonstrated in his pronouncements after spending a weekend bedazzled and bewildered with the Windsors in Balmoral.

In a report published on the Stuff Website Key is reported as saying:

"A week after Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne proclaimed that Britain was turning an economic corner, Prime Minister John Key has had a chance to witness the turnaround.
Mr Key has visited the United Kingdom almost every year since he was first elected prime minister in 2008. On each occasion, Britain and Europe's precipitous economic decline provided the backdrop.
This time, however, he has discovered a more optimistic mood as he has met with British Prime Minister David Cameron, with the foreign secretary, William Hague, and London Mayor Boris Johnson."

What PinoKeyo failed to note is that the discontent with the Tory government in the UK is deep and growing. The latest Telegraph poll noted that given the current disillusionment with the Tory-Lib-Dem policies Labour would have a 66 seat majority in the House. The membership of the Conservative Party has gone into nose dive since Cameron gained power as the traditional supporters desert the Party as the damage to the economy and society becomes more obvious... even to Tory Heartland. A pattern being repeated here in NZ. We can expect the outbreak of the traditional National-ACT dirty tricks attacks that were so evident in 2008 - 2011 campaigns as they attempt to disguise reality from the chief resident of Planet Key.
Housing Bubble denial

In the meantime scandal after scandal (very much like that of the Key owned National-ACT government) has been the trade mark of the Cameron-Clegg Tory Government all of which has undermined their credibility as responsible managers of the economy.. Their privatisation raiding of the State assets have been heavily criticised as fiscally and socially irresponsible,  despite PinoKeyo's contrived analogy to a speed boat and Cruise Liner economic turn around.

The BBC reports that Lord Ashcroft, a Tory MP, has declared that the 2015 election is Labour's to lose such is the depression and malase within the Tory Party as it watches the UK drift further and further into an economic and social mire. Itseems that John PinoKeyo Key had his Planet Key blinkers on and his hearing aid off as well as being blinded by his weekender with the Windsor family in isolation of Balmoral.
The Windsors ponder who and what the social climber is.

However, I presume that on Planet Key no one hears or sees reality because on Planet Key tea and crumpets with a Queen and a corgi in the hand is better than having to recognise the fact that good governance of a Country requires social responsibility and a real understanding of how a country's economy works.
Unfortunately for John PinoKeyo Key the tea & crumpets with the Windsors was not seen through the blue tinted spectacles issued to the residents of Planet Key by the UK Press. Here's The Daily Mail describing the photo-opportunity snaps and Key's behaviour while congratulating himself at Balmoral. The alliterative description is a delight.

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